Luis' Nursery | Visalia, California

Family-owned and operated for over 20 years.

Luis’ Nursery is a place where home owners and landscapers can come together to find top quality plants and landscaping products and excellent customer service from our friendly and helpful staff members. Our number one goal is that you leave happy and satisfied with your purchase.

Luis Gonzalez is the owner of Luis’ Nursery has over 36 years of experience in and around nurseries. Luis has been in the nursery business for nearly 30 years and is known for his honesty and vast knowledge in horticulture. He has learned just about everything there is to know about growing and maintaining gardens and is committed to helping customers select the right products for their next landscaping project.

A bit of history…

Luis started off by growing plants and learning first hand on caring for them. He has become knowledgeable on how to grow and maintain your garden to look its best all year long. Luis opened the doors to his business over 15 years ago hoping residents and commercial areas have beautiful gardens and landscapes throughout the Central Valley. Today, he continues his commitment to providing customers with quality products and excellent customer service.

With the help of family and friends, Luis’ Nursery started off with just a small inventory of plants but now carries a wide selection of imported goods that will enhance your garden. What was once a dream is now a reality — thanks to the loyalty and support from our wonderful customers.