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Protecting your frost tender plants

December 2, 2013VioletNews0

Don’t forget to keep a watch on freezing temperatures this winter. Keep plants protected by using a frost cover, or by keeping the root zone moist to raise soil temperature.

Trees and shrubs from Oregon

November 4, 2013VioletNews0

Big order just arrived from Oregon. Including living Christmas trees, Japanese maples, weeping cedars, and pines!


Fall color and vegetables

September 11, 2013VioletNews0

Fall color and vegetables are now starting to arrive!

Fairy Gardens

July 17, 2013VioletNews0

We have a great (and cute!) new selection for your fairy gardens. Making a fairy garden is a fun activity to do with kids, grand kids or even just for yourself!

Get creative!






August 4, 2012VioletFeatured0